8-frame or 10-frame

Each of your hives must have the same width and length of all its boxes.

Which is easier to handle?8-frame will be easier to handle because the weight per box is less. See the chart with the box weight on page 10. However, the 8-frame hives will be taller overall because there will be less frames per box, which means it will require more boxes to be stacked up.
What is more natural?8-frame is more natural. Feral bees in trees typically have taller spaces with less breadth.
Which are better utilized by the bees?Many beekeepers believe the 8-frame hives are better utilized. With 10-frame hives, the outside frames may not be as efficiently used.
Which is more expensive?10-frame boxes cost about the same as 8-frame. With 8-frame, more boxes will be required, which makes the 8-frame hives more expensive overall.
Which will winter better?Likely the 8-frame will winter better. 8-frame better fits the shape of the cluster, and is less likely to leave behind frames of honey on the outside positions. Plus, with 8-frame there is less unused area for the bees to heat.
Which is easier for the bees?When used without an Entrance Reducer, the 8-frame will have a narrower entrance for the bees to protect, making robbing less likely.